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Job Description

16 sales staff for Ho Chi Minh City and 10 sales staff for Hanoi City

A Sales Assistant is expected to help customers to choose the products and maintain a high level of customer service. Sales Assistants play a key role in making customer’s shopping experience enjoyable

Job Description :

• Greeting customers who enter the shop

• Assisting customers to find the products they are looking for

• Stocking shelves with products

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• Good communication skills in Vietnamese and with basic skills in English
• Enjoy working with people
• Able to work as part of a sales team
• Friendly, polite, helpful and energetic
• Be calm and confident dealing with difficult situations
• Be flexible and adaptable • Be reliable, responsible and trustworthy
• Be available to work in shifts o Morning shift – 8.00 to 14.30 o Afternoon shift – 14.30 to 21.00
• Working minimum 6 hours per day
• Must work 6 days per week
• 1 day off per week
• Every new staff is subjected to a 3 month probation
• Starting salary at VND 19,000 per hour
• When you pass the 3 month probation your salary will increase to VND 21,000 per hour

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