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RingMD is a healthcare network designed to connect patients with the very best doctors and wellness providers around the world. We are committed to enhancing the patient­-doctor relationship, believing it to be a fundamental requirement for effective healthcare. Through the use of cutting­-edge technology, we provide our patients with instant access to a global community of the world’s leading physicians. Our system avoids the shortcomings and delays of the current health system - instead, we provide an efficient, interactive experience designed to please doctors and patients alike. RingMD consists of a relatively small, young team, and we take great pride in the diversity of our staff. Our company includes Vietnamese, American, Ukrainian, Australian, Indian, Singaporean and British teammates, to name but a few! We’re a kaleidoscope: from college dropouts to university grads, entrepreneurs to ex-scientists, lawyers, writers, coders, game designers, fabulous bakers and beatboxers — every individual brings their unique perspective and personality to create remarkable products.    
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