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Gravity R&D is a proven personalization expert with clients from online classified media and e-commerce industries. The company offers on-site personalization (incl. recommendation boxes, smart search, dynamic landing pages) and off-site solutions (such as personalized retargeting and email). Our solution blends in seamlessly with our clients’ platform and maps out the behavior of each and every user. With sophisticated algorithms, it predicts what the user will like and serves the content, products or even ads that they’re most likely to opt for or interact with. Gravity's recommendation engine is able to influence the Moments of Truth of customers. Using our personalization solution, the traffic will be more and more redirected to the content that's interesting for the users. By finding the relevant content, visitors will be more engaged and this will generate more income for your site. Gravity feels honoured to work with some major players in the e-commerce and classifieds industries, such as Dailymotion, Schibsted Media Group, Inform Media Group, Arkon Group and Allegro Group and plans to further expand its relations. Gravity also caters to SMEs through Yusp, a turnkey recommender system specifically designed to fit the needs of smaller businesses.
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